Free football game

Become the greatest football coach !
- 16 ratings per player to define his position
- 18 Detailed statistics to analyze matches
- Programmable management strategies every game
- Access to information from other teams
- Ability to lead different clubs in his career
- Over 1000 faces of players available
- Proposals for direct purchases from other clubs
- Negotiation of sales prices and wages
- Auction system
- Training Center (promising young recruits)
- Improvement points to distribute yourself
- Card system to improve players

Among the football games, Way of Soccer is a free football team management game. You are manager and have responsibility for managing your team.

Players evolution

Evolve your players by training, recruit free ones, make a specific search on the transfer market, win the auction, sell or buy those of your opponents to form the best possible football team. You will also have the opportunity to use bonus cards to improve your players.

The training will allow your players to progress, in addition to improvement points they will win in official matches or friendly games they will dispute. You are free to distribute these points in the areas of competence of your choice.

Gradually, as you progress, you can create custom players and choose exactly their chosen fields.

In this free football game, you can unlock bonus day to discover the most complete players .

Formation center

Your football club will also allow you to focus and invest in a training center with promising young recruits, that you can incorporate into your training when you want. These have a high potential and develop them will be an asset for your first team. The center also has a tournament in which you will face other training centers.

Team size

At the end of each month, all players will take looseness, and therefore lose efficiency during games. You will need to renew your team regularly in order not to have players who no longer have the desire to play in your club.

Warning, the maximum number of players in your club is limited to 20. You will need to make decisive choices about the players you need to keep and those you have to separate.

It will be important in a more or less long term that your workforce is as homogeneous as possible : in fact, the more players of the same nationality you'll have in the field, the more the overall performance of your group will be significant.

Management - Strategy

Among the football games, Way of Soccer is one of the most detailed games.

The strategy you put in place is an important part : the placement of your team on the field, the game tends offensive or defensive, aggressive on the ball carrier are all tactical points that will help you win the match or avoid defeat.

Being a good manager is also have sound financial management of the football club. You will have to decide the price of the ticket and the capacity of your stadium, depending on your club's reputation, not to mention managing your players salaries who wish to renegotiate when they will gain experience and efficiency in matches.

Find the complete statistics of your games (possession, shots, corners, fouls, ...) as well as those of your players games (dribbling, successful and assists, recoveries, average match, ... ).

Put yourself in the head trio League 1 championship or win the cup for your country and go to European Championship to face the best teams.

Way of Soccer therefore a free and complete game that will test your management capabilities, strategy and analysis games and all of your workforce to prepare your football team to face the best clubs in the multiple official competitions.

The forum is a place of exchange between users. Do not hesitate to go there for advice on the operation of the game.

Free and detailed, come and try this novelty in the world of football games !